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How much can you afford?
Before you start the search for your new home, it is essential to know how much you can afford. Talk to your REALTORĀ® about all of the costs associated with the purchase of the home as well as what is included in your mortgage payment, such as private mortgage insurance and taxes. Use the calculators below to get an idea of what you can afford. There are many variables associated with the home purchase, so be advised that the numbers reflected in the calculators below are not final.
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  • What will my refinancing costs be?Coming soon!
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  • Which loan is better?Coming soon!
  • How advantageous are extra payments?Coming soon!
  • What home can I afford?Coming soon!
  • How much will my interest only payment be?Coming soon!
  • Which is better interest-only or traditional?Coming soon!
  • Is my Private Mortgage Insurance deductible?Coming soon!

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