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Step 4 - Marketing Your Home

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Every home sale is different. The marketplace is always in flux, interest rates constantly change and new buyers search for homes each day. With such fluidity, it requires REALTORS® to craft marketing plans specifically for individual homes and market conditions.

Selling can entail a variety of marketing strategies. Once listed, it's likely that the home will be quickly entered into the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and placed on This aggregated data can be specific to your housing needs. REALTORS® routinely market by mail and via email and their personal websites with new-listing announcements and newsletters. Open houses, broker access to the home via the use of a lock box, and networking with both local and out-of-town brokers are also common.

Much of a broker's work will be quiet and unseen. Telephone calls, work with contacts, follow-ups with open-house visitors, conversations with ad respondents, web postings and other outreach efforts are all part of the process required to sell a home.

An open house is another method of marketing. In planning an open house, a REALTOR® typically advertises that the home will be open for a given period of time on a set date. During the open period, the REALTOR® hosts the home while the owners leave for a few hours.

At the open house, the REALTOR® will provide literature, maintain a visitor log, and answer questions. By interacting with visitors, the REALTOR® will seek feedback regarding the home and opportunities to follow up with prospective purchasers.

Showing Your Home Online lists about 1.4 million homes, while individual REALTOR® sites and local MLS services also have an online presence. Online real estate information includes not only home listings, but numerous additional features and benefits such as neighborhood information, school data, recent home sale prices, and video tours.

The internet is not only a way to view properties. E-mail and instant messaging give REALTORS® and consumers more opportunities to keep in touch.


Are you looking to move or just curious? We've got you covered an overview of the process. However, contact a REALTOR® today for more details.

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